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Milpitas Station



PSE provided due diligence for the asset acquisition and provided the ownership team with structural engineering services for the re-alignment of the office complex and change of programming from light medical manufacturing to office park.


The structural engineering services included:


• Provide design documents for a new pavilion, landscaping and walkways


• Realign the point of entries with the new pavilion  and provide visual focus that consists of new trellises and vertical signage throughout the complex site


PSE provided structural engineer services as consultant for the acquisition and for the renovation of 2 steel office buildings construed over a landfill.

Improvements Include:

- Repair of all site amenities built over the landfill.

- Repair of all means of egress as cantilevered structures to prevent movement relative to the building.

- New canopies and entrance focal points.

- New façade system for building 7000.0




- The site surrounding the property is sinking, however the building is on pile and does not move.  All new construction must remain level with the building access points.

- The use of piles, or any ground improvement is not possible as there is a methane barrier 5 ft below grade.


- Cantilevered concrete structures tied back to the building’s pile caps, using the buildings as a counterweight.

- A hinge system that will bear on the building and allow the site structures to settle without cracking.

- Use of structural Styrofoam ( Geofoam) in larger areas.

Sierra Point


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