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PSE was retained as a structural consultant for the acquisition, retrofit and sale of the historical building constructed circa 1909 and located at 1019 Market Street

The building is a six story (75,000 sf) unreinforced brick structure with timber floors and an open façade facing North and South. The seismic retrofit was fine-tuned to meet probable maximum loss insurance requirements while minimizing the cost to the owner.   

The retrofit scheme included the addition of 3/4” plywood, strengthening the floor systems, and the addition of out-of-plane ties anchoring the brick wall to the floor system. The scope of work also included the addition of a second floor, new mechanical platform on the roof, repair of the historical terra cotta façade, repair of existing damaged beams and columns, and the addition of a new entrance façade.

The final design transformed a rundown garment factory into a Class "A" office building headquarters for one of the top Silicon Valley companies.

1019 Market Street


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